Buying Wear Parts for Your Ahwi Mulcher

Buying Wear Parts for Your Ahwi Mulcher

Ahwi mulcher is one of the popular brands in the market due to their incredible performance and value for money. However, at one point, you will need to start replacing some of the wear parts. That is because after using the machine for a while, some of the wear parts will start wearing down or become faulty. The machine performance will begin going down; hence you will need to replace the parts to keep the Ahwi mulcher healthy.

The most important thing is to know the kind of wear parts that you are buying for replacement. The market offers you with a vast range of options to pick from. In this post, we are going to look at 3 available option of Ahwi mulcher wear parts that you can buy:

Original Wear Parts

The first option that most people goes for is the original wear parts. These are parts that have been manufactured by the brand in the same factory. For this case, you can go for the parts from the Ahwi brand in their stores. There are various benefits that come with these parts such as being of good quality. Since they are the original manufacturers, the company has the actual details of the tools. Therefore, they will provide with a copy of the first wear parts.

OEM Wear Parts

The second thing that you need to consider is the OEM products. These are parts that have been manufactured by another company and sells them to another company and sells them as their own. That simply means that the company selling the tools is not the actual producer of the tools. For instance, Ahwi brand could be selling OEM mulcher wear parts that have come from another factory. These tools still have the same quality as the original ones but lack some of the features such as packaging which makes them cheaper. OEMs are popular in the market due to their excellent quality.


Aftermarket Ahwi mulcher wears parts is another category that you can pick from. These wear parts are manufactured by another company and sell them under their brand name. However, these tools can fit Ahwi mulcher. The manufacturer of the aftermarket products uses the same specification as the original manufacturer. They also use the highest grade material to ensure that their wear parts are of the same quality as the original. They cheaper than the OEM and the original yet has the same quality. That is why they are popular in the market.

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