Causing Breakage Auger Bit Teeth Tips

Causing Breakage Auger Bit Teeth Tips

When drilling, auger bit teeth are some of the critical parts that you need to consider. These are parts that do the actual cutting or drilling of the surface. That is the reason why their quality amongst other features is crucial for proper drilling. However, these parts of the machine are also prone to various types of challenges when working. Breakage of the shank is one of the major problems especial while drilling tough conditions.

But what could be causing you auger teeth to break? Well, there are some of the reason that can explain that. In this post, we have given an overview of four major causes of auger bit teeth breakage. Check out the following:

Wrong Application

If your auger bit teeth are breaking so often, you should first consider if you are using them correctly or not. One of the major reasons why your auger teeth could be breaking because they are exposed to conditions they are not designed for.  All types of auger bit teeth are designed for a specific condition/s. If the tools are not used for the intended purpose, they could be experiencing excessive pressure than they can withstand and that could lead to breakage. Therefore, ensure that auger teeth are only used for the intended purpose.

Worn-out Sleeves

Another reason why you could be experiencing an unprecedented rate of wear could be worn out sleeves. These are the main parts of the auger teeth that give the teeth strength to do handle tough conditions. As the sleeves wear down, the teeth become weaker and weaker leaving the bit tip vulnerable. If the auger bit teeth are exposed to excess pressure, then you will probably have a problem of tip breakage.

Quality of Teeth

What quality of auger bit teeth do you have on the machine? Well, that could be the reason annoying teeth breakage. Drilling teeth are constructed using various materials based on the condition that is supposed to be used. For pole hole digging, you expect it to be a little bit low in quality of material compared to a foundation drilling auger. Therefore, check the material used for the construction of the teeth. If you are doing foundation drilling, and you have inferior quality auger bit teeth, then there is a likelihood of them breaking is very high. Therefore, get the best quality teeth based on what you plan to use them for.

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