How to Care For Post Hole Auger Teeth

How to Care For Post Hole Auger Teeth

If you have a set of post hole auger teeth, the only way that you can say that you got value for money is if they serve you for long. Otherwise, there is no other way that you can say that you got the most out of these cutter tools. Although it has been said over and over again that the quality of material used is the key determinant to longevity; that may not be entirely true. How the machine and wear parts are plays an important role in all this.

However, you need to learn a few things about how to care for post hole auger teeth. There are various ways that you can go about it, but we have listed 3 of the best ways to achieve that. Read this guide to learn about how to care for your post hole auger teeth.

Regular Inspection and repairs

The rule of thumb when it comes to machine wear parts is an inspection. One of the biggest reasons why your post hole auger teeth may be wearing down really is a failure to fix problems when they are starting to show. Most people wait until the machine cannot function any more to fix the problem. For instance, the dulling and blunting of post hole auger teeth does not happen overnight. It has over in an extended period. However, if rectified at the early stages, then you will not have sorted the problems early enough. Therefore, you need to carry out regular inspection.

Proper fitting

It is important to check the fitness of the post hole auger teeth on the cutter heat. You must ensure the teeth are strongly installed on the auger. One of the biggest mistakes auger users make is not checking how strong the auger bit teeth are on the machine. Loose auger teeth are likely to wear out fast and also produce an inconsistent performance. Therefore check regularly for loose auger bit teeth.

Proper Cleaning and Storage

If you would want to extend the lifespan of you post hole auger teeth, then you must ensure cleanliness and proper storage. This is a basic tip and should adhere to if you care about the machine. Proper cleaning such as power cleaning helps to avoid rusting of teeth and other parts of the machine. It also helps to remove dirt, grease, dust, and debris from the machine.

Replacing Parts

Make sure that any worn down parts or faulty parts are replaced immediately. That is because such parts accelerate the rate of wear of wear parts. Make sure your machine does not run on faulty and worn down parts.


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