How to maintain Auger Teeth/Blades for an Extended Life

How to maintain Auger Teeth/Blades for an Extended Life

Whether you are using small auger equipment for digging holes or planting trees or the large auger for foundation drilling, the fact is that these are expensive equipment. The cost of running these machines can also be very high. That is the reason why maintenance cost is one of the major challenges. Dealing frequent auger teeth replacements is one of the biggest problems people are struggling with.

However, with proper maintenance measures, you can easily reduce these unnecessary costs with proper maintenance of the teeth. There are several factors that you reduce the cost of auger teeth replacement amongst other. We have rounded up useful maintenance tips that can help you reduced the rate of wear and increased wear parts lifespan. Here are tips that you need to look for:

Carry Out Regular Inspection

The rule of thumb when it comes to machine maintenance and operation is an inspection. One of the major reasons why your auger machine is giving you trouble is a failure to fix problems while they are still small. The dulling and blunting of the auger teeth does not happen overnight. It has over in an extended period. If the condition could be identified at the initial stages, maybe you could have avoided auger teeth replacement. That is why you need to start with crafting how inspection of you drilling machine should be carried out.

 Good Coupling of the Auger with Drive

It is important to check the fitness of the auger attachment to a skid steer or any other drive. If the coupling of the two is not done properly, then you will always have a problem with power delivered to the auger teeth. Direct coupling is the best since it losses no energy. If you notice some round corners on the auger’s hex-drive, that is a sign of wear. The problems are that this form of wear also affects the performance of the machine. Some power is lost here, and thus the machine is forced to work harder.

Proper Cleaning and Storage

Another key tip to maintaining your auger teeth and blades is proper cleaning and storage. This is a basic tip that should come automatically just like when you have a car. To avoid to avoid the lasting of the teeth or blades, which is unnecessary wear, clean the equipment thoroughly after use. Clean off dirt, and debris from the machine.

Replacing Parts

One thing you should know about auger teeth is that one tooth is faulty or worn out, it accelerates the rate of wear of the rest. That is why replacement of auger teeth is highly recommended to maintain machine performance. However, you must get the right auger teeth replacement to maintain consistent performance of the machine.

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