What Makes a Good Tub Grinder?

What Makes a Good Tub Grinder?

When it comes to solid waste management, tub grinders are some of the critical machines the industry has ever produced. Over the years, tub grinders have undergone numerous changes and advancement to enhance their production. However, one thing that has remained true to these machines is their incredible performance and productivity. The modern grinders are even better when it comes to production. But what makes a good tub grinder? Well, the question of a good grinder can be tackled from different angles. One of the main things that makes a good tub grinder is the tub grinder wear parts. In this article, we are going to look at some of the key wear parts that are essential to a tub grinder:

Tub Grinder Teeth

The condition and the quality of the tub grinder teeth is one of the key factors that make a great tub grinder. If you are planning to buy a new tub grinder or improve the performance of the current one, then you must consider the condition of the teeth seriously. Tub grinder teeth are usually made from the highest grade material and that is what makes them powerful. It is highly recommended that you pick teeth made from carbide and high quality steel as the main material.  The tip should always be made from the tungsten carbide which is the best grade of the carbide material. The body of the teeth should be made from highest grade steel to give the teeth the much needed durability.

Tub Grinder Hammer

The tub grinder hammer is another factor that makes a great tub grinder. As one of the key tub grinder wear parts, these hammers are mostly used in the initial stages of breaking the wood material make it easier for the teeth to grind. However, there are a variety of hammers to fit variety equipment and thus the user has a range of choice to pick from. However, what makes a great hammer is what makes a great tub grinder as well. Just like the tub grinder teeth, the hammer must be made from the highest grade materials as well. The tip of the cutting edge must be made from the tungsten carbide when the rest of the body must be of steel- the best grade steel.

These are two main tub grinder wear parts that make a good tub grinder. If any of these tub grinder parts are of inferior quality, then it will be difficult for the equipment to produce anything great.