Welcome to magnum mulcher blog, the blog introduces wear-resistant accessories knowledge. Including teeth, teeth holder, and other wear parts. Wear parts are used in forestry mucher mower, wood chipper, tub &horizontal grinder, stump grinder, rotary drilling, road milling, trench digging and goal mining.


Buying replacements for industrial machine parts is inevitable if you are operating an industrial machine. With time, some parts will wear off, and they will require a replacement. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the machine to maintain a constant output. However, getting the right parts for replacement is critical. By right parts, we mean quality machine parts that will give value for the money- parts that will last longer and improve the performance of the machine. At magnum mulcher blog, our objective is to provide readers with the wear-resistance knowledge on various types of wear parts.

Our collection includes machine teeth, teeth holders, bits, and other wear parts as used in wood chippers, forestry mulcher mower, stump grinder, tub & horizontal grinder, trench digging, road milling, rotary drilling, and coal mining.


For the teeth, there are various types in the market depending on the machine that you are using. All industrial machines use teeth in one way or the other. For any of the industrial machine, teeth are the main cutting parts. Whether it is a forestry mulching or trench digging machine, it the teeth that do the actual cutting work. Each type of the teeth available in the market works best for different conditions. It is also important to note that teeth vary depending with the type of machine.

Teeth Holder

Teeth holder is part that holds the teeth in place. They come in different types depending on the machine that they are used on. For instance, forestry mulcher teeth holders are completely different for the road milling teeth holders. Apart, each type is different depending on the size of the machine. The quality of the material used in teeth holder construction is also, among the factors to consider.


For those in foundation drilling or poling, bits such as auger bits are critical parts in their work. Designed to work on extremely tough grounds such rocky soils; bits are extremely important in drilling tasks. Their quality is also equally important while buying a replacement. There are numerous types of auger bits and teeth that you can select from, and we will help you get the best.


Most of the machines work with attachment. A good example is the skid steer -it can work with a mulcher attachment and an auger. Whether it is milling drums or any other attachment for industrial machines, we have all the information that you need.

So whether you need to know about trencher chains or sprockets, magnum mulcher blog will provide you with accurate information that you need about any of these parts.


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