Carlton stump grinder teeth Problems and Solutions

Carlton stump grinder teeth Problems and Solutions

Just like most of the machine tools, Carlton stump grinder teeth are also exposed to a variety of problems that could deem them unusable. However, most of these problems are as a result of improper use of the tools. In fact, most of the grinder teeth problems including the Carlton’s are as a result of misuse of the teeth. Below are some of the major Carlton stump grinder teeth problems, causes and how to solve them:

Shank Fracture

One of the common problems with grinder teeth is the fracture of the carbide shank. This is a problem that could significantly reduce the performance of the teeth and consequently the entire machine. However, it is a problem that is mostly caused by the wrong usage of the teeth and more so exposure to extremely demanding conditions. Removing stumps in hard cutting and extreme impact conditions such as rocky surfaces are some of the reasons. The only solution that could work is the replacing the carbide tip or the entire teeth.

Excessive Wear

This is another problem common with Carlton stump grinder teeth. It could be the excessive wear of the carbide material at the tip or the steel body. The most reason why there could be excessive wear of the teeth is poor selection of the cutter tools and improper use of the carbide tip. Grinding stumps in very abrasive cutting conditions is one of the major causes of high rate of excessive wear. It could also be as a result of high rotation speed or cut too deep into the stump. These are problems that can easily be avoided if proper use of the tools is done. Avoid abrasive conditions and operate with the recommended speed.

Broken Shank

Breaking off of the carbide tip is another common problem that stump removers come across. In most cases, the problem associated with exposure of the teeth to very harsh conditions such as rocky or abrasive condition. The grinding of extremely rough stumps such as hardwoods could also result in breakage of the carbide shank. There are two ways that you can improve on this- replacing the carbide or the entire tooth.

Steel Wash

Last but not the least is steel wash. This is a problem that is usually associated with abrasive conditions, especially if you are doing stump root removal. Steel is easily eaten away by abrasive soil, and that could cause result in week teeth. Using the right steel material, such as forged steel Carlton stump grinder teeth, for such conditions.



Benefits of Investing in OEM King Kong Tools

Benefits of Investing in OEM King Kong Tools

OEM is one of the popularly terms in the industrial machine parts. For most operators, these are some of the most favoured parts when it comes to replacements. When it comes to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, there are numerous reasons why most operators opt for them. If you are operating a King Kong machine, it is highly recommended that you good for the King Kong pars. So, what are the benefits of OEM King Kong parts? Here are some of the major benefits:


One of the major challenges that operators are dealing with is authenticity. It is very difficult to discern the authenticity of the non-OEM parts. For instance, if you are buying non-OEM King Kong teeth, it will not be possible to tell their authenticity. But with the OEM tools, it is obvious that the question that of how authentic the tools are ill not arise. That gives the operator confidence knowing that will get value for money.

Quality of Tools

The quality of King Kong tools is critical regardless of the machine that you are using. However, with the proliferation of fake and counterfeit products in the market, it is extremely difficult to get the right quality products. Whereas the quality of the industrial tools is in the material used in the construction of the tools, it is possible to get unscrupulous dealers lying to the buyers. For instance, a good King Kong tooth is made from carbide tip and high-quality steel body. Knowing that the fake dealers with sell fake material while referring them as carbide and steel. But for the OEM tools, you are assured that the quality of the material maintained. If it is tungsten carbide, it is tungsten carbide.

Longevity of Tools

The last thing that you would like to experience is having to invest in tools that will wear off within a very short time. If you are buying King Kong teeth, you need to have a product that can last for an extended period. Choosing to go non-OEM way will expose you to uncertainties in that you will find difficult to pick tools that guarantee longevity. But with OEM King Kong tools, that will never be a problem with the longevity. In most cases, manufacturers provide an estimation period with the tools such as teeth can last if properly used. With OEM, you will never get it wrong.