4 Best Places To Buy Wood Grinder Wear Parts

4 Best Places To Buy Wood Grinder Wear Parts

Are you planning to buy wood grinder wear parts? Do you have the right place to buy these parts? Well, there are many places you can get these parts, but some of them cannot be trusted with quality. That is why you need to be very selective with your sources. In this guide, we have together 4 main places where you can buy wood grinder wear parts.

Online Store

One of the best places that you can buy wood grinder wear parts is the online stores. Today, we have most people buying almost everything online. Today, the vibrant machine manufacturing industry is also going online. There are so many stores out there selling wood grinder wear parts. What you need to do is to check their authenticity and if they are getting good from brand warehouses. The most important thing to check is the quality of the parts. Check whether the previous buyers were happy with the products before buying.

Original Manufacturer Warehouse

The other best place you can get wood grinder wear parts is at the original manufacturer. These are the guys who designed and manufactured the machine you are using. They must also be selling replacement wear parts. The reason why the original manufacturers are recommended is the quality of the tools. They designed and manufactured every bit of the machine. Therefore, they are the best guys to tell what you need for your wood grinder wear parts. Buy from their warehouse where parts are cheaper.

Aftermarket Warehouse

Another place that most people are going to for wood grinder wear parts is aftermarket manufacturers. Their parts have gained popularity due to the many benefits they offer to users. Aftermarket wood grinder wear parts are from a third party. They are not affiliated with the original manufacturers in any way. But these parts are designed to fit the grand you are using. They also offer good quality as the original manufacturers. Buy from the warehouse of a reputable aftermarket manufacturer.

Authorized Dealers

Another place where you can buy wood grinder wear parts is the authorized dealers. These are guys near you that have the authorisation to sell various brands of wear parts. If they have the brand that you are using, you can be assured that it is of good quality. But check if they have a reputation for selling only original machine parts. However, you will pay an extra amount, unlike buying from the manufacturer’s warehouse. However, dealers are convenient,

Main Steps Of A Perfect Hot Forging Process

Main Steps Of A Perfect Hot Forging Process

The hot forging process is not a complicated as some people make it appear. It is a process that should not include a lot of complicated steps. In this guide, we are making it easy for you. We have put together the main steps that make a perfect hot forging process. If you want to hot forge, here are the steps to follow:

Have The Metal and Machine Ready

Start with organizing for the hot forging. The first thing is getting the right metal for forging if you want a product with certain features, you need a metal that will produce these features. The other thing you need to do is preparing the hot forging press. These are the machines that produce the compression needed to press the blanks to form the required product. Check the tonnage and all the aspect of the machine.

Mold Design and Making

The second step is designing and making the mold. The mold depends on the shape and size of the product you want to hot forge. The design and the making of the mold is not a big complicated with modern technology. With CAD software, you can easily design and used the machining equipment to produce a highly accurate mold.

Heating the Billet

With the mold or die ready, it is time to heat the material you want to forge. Depending on the metal that you want to forge, they have different forging temperature. Therefore, you need to know the crystallization temperature the metal you want to for. The trick is heat the billet till it gets into a molten form. This is the time it has already reached plastic deformation making it easy to hot forge.

Forge the Billet

With the biller already in molten form, preform it a bit before placing it on the mold. This helps to avoid having some of the billet getting out the mold. Then press the hot metal against the two molds using the hydraulic press punch. That’s how you get hot forged products.

Heat Treatment

To improve the forged part strength and hardness, you must treat with heat. Depending on the metal and expected products properties, the treatment may differ from heating to cooling. Some may require soaking in industrial soaps.

Finishing Work

If the surface is a bit rough, you can use the machining equipment to smooth then it. If you want to engrave the product for marketing, all this is done at this hot forging process stage. Finishing gives the product the expected look.


Guide On Safety Rules For Hydraulic Forging Press

Hydraulic forging press machines have become very vital in the development of the forging industry. Most important is the development of cold forging and hot forging machines. But if you have invested in these machines, you need to consider a number of things. One of these things is the safety of using them.

The safety of the hydraulic forging press is crucial. It helps to prevent accidents and also maintaining the machine in good condition. In this guide, we have put together some of the safety rules for using hydraulic forging press:

You Must Understand The Machine

One of the safety rules of the hydraulic forging press is understanding how the machine works first. You must understand the operation procedures of the machine for you to start operating. So the safety rule dictates that if you do not understand how the machine works, do not try to operate it. That’s because you will be exposing yourself, the machine, and the people around you to a lot of danger.

Do Not Adjust The Machine During Operation

Just like other machines, hydraulic forging press can get faulty while working. It is very common for some people to try to fix the problem while the machine is operating. This is one big mistake that’s likely not only to cause fatal accidents but also could damage the machine. So, always make sure that if the machine gets faulty, first turn it off before overhauling or adjusting it.

Fix Faulting Immediately

The hydraulic forging presses are very sensitive to faults. These machines use fluid for most of the operations. So, if you notice a fluid leak, be it air or oil, you must get it fixed immediately. If you notice vibrations, loud noise, or unreliable operations, stop the machine immediately and have the machine fixed.

Do Not Overload

This is a very important safety rule for a hydraulic forging press. Every machine is designed to handle a specific load. If it is a 20-ton hydraulic forging press, that is the load that it can handle. You cannot overload the machine because you will be putting more pressure than it can handles. This will also increase the rate of wear and tear.

Ground The Machine Properly

Last but not least safety rule for hydraulic forging press is proper installation. Because of the force that these machines produce, they must be grounded firmly. Make sure that the base is firmly held in the ground.

Mistakes You Can Make When Selecting Hydraulic Press Manufacturer

If you have been in the industry for a while, you already know that you can make very simple but cost mistakes. One of these mistakes is buying from bad hydraulic press suppliers. But there are ways that such simple mistakes can be avoided. Most people learn through mistakes, but that’s not the best ways to go about.

If you are buying hydraulic press machines, there are simple mistakes you can make manufacturer. In this post, we have highlighted these mistakes and how you can avoid them. Check out the following:

Buying From Unknown Manufacturers

One of the common mistakes that people make is buying from unknown hydraulic press manufacturers. This is a very common mistake that most of the time can end up costing you a lot. In some cases, buyers are lucky, but not all of them.

You are likely to buy from fake manufacturers and end up with a counterfeit machine. In most cases, these machines end up being of low quality. So you will spend on a machine that is not worth the money. So, research widely on the manufacturer before going ahead with the work.

Not Check Material Grade

The other mistake, especially the newbies make, is not checking the quality of the machine that they are buying. They don’t check the kind of material that the hydraulic press manufacturer has used for the machine construction. In the end, they end up with a low-quality machine that does not meet their needs.

Before you can buy from the manufacturer, you need to know the quality of the material that they are using. That’s the only way that you can ensure you are buying from a good manufacturer.

Not Checking Experience

It is recommended that you always check the experience if the manufacturer when buying any machine. Otherwise, you might end up buying from an inexperienced supplier. If that’s the case, then you might buy a machine that’s of low quality and wouldn’t deliver as expected.

So check the experience of that the hydraulic press manufacturer has made in the market. That’s the only way you will get a quality machine. Go for a manufacturer that has been around for at least five years.

Not Reputation

Most buyers don’t check the reputation that the manufacturer has in the market. Make sure that you have a good reputation in the market. Check what their previous customers are saying about their products and services.

5 Hints To Selecting Wood Chipper Parts For Sale

Are you planning to make your first parts replacement on your wood chipper? Well, there are several things that you need to consider to get the right to ensure you are getting the most out of your machine. For a starter, it is important to know what makes perfect wood chipper parts for sale. This is an important factor because it will significantly affect the kind of machine parts that you get.

In this article, we are providing you with some of the crucial things that you need to consider. These are factors that generally make ideal wood chipper parts for sale. Check out the following:

Parts’ Size

There are key parameters that you need to consider when buying machine parts. One of them is the size of the wood chipper parts that your machine uses. This is an important factor to consider because you can afford to get it wrong when it comes to size. Wrong wood chipper parts size cause ineffective chipping. The machine might also start recording poor chip quality. Last but not least is unnecessary and harsh vibration. So get the right size.

Material Used

The other thing that you need to consider is the material that the manufacturer has used for parts construction. The best wood chipper parts for sale should be made from quality material and the highest grade of the same materials. For the cutter tools, they must be tungsten carbide tipped. This is one of the hardest materials in the market today. For the body, get parts made from the highest grade of steel alloy. These are the materials that offer the best quality materials.

Check Joint Quality

The other element that you need to look out for in wood chipper parts for sale is the quality of the joint. There are several things that you need to consider when selecting the joint. First, you need to get the strongest joint for the blades. For best quality, go for tungsten carbide brazed steel joint. It’s one of the strongest in the market.


Another hint is the kind of supplier you are buying from. If you are not buying from an original manufacturer, go for the aftermarkets. But make sure that the supplier has a good reputation and has been around for long.

Expected Lifespan

Last but not least is the expected lifespan. To get value for money, buy tools that offer the longest possible useful life.

Tips To Getting Most Off The Carbide Tipped Grinder Wear Parts

Investing in carbide tipped grinder wear parts is the best decision that you can make. These are parts that will offer incredible results because of the high-quality materials the carbide material is. It is one of the hardest metals in the industry today.

However, buying carbide grinder wear parts may not be enough to ensure that you are getting the most out of your machine. There are several things that you need to do to ensure that you are getting the most of your carbide grinder wear parts. Here are the best tips.

Get Best Quality Carbide

The first thing that you need to consider is getting the best quality carbide material. There are several grades of the tungsten carbide that you can select from depending on the kind of teeth grinding that you would like to do. Tungsten carbide is one of the most recommended materials for grinder wear parts. This is the kind of the material that reputable grinder wear parts manufacturers such the Wear Parts China and King Kong uses. It is the highest grade of the carbide material, and that is why it is widely recommended.

Proper Use

No matter the kind of a grinder that you are using, there is always the maximum load that it can handle.So when you tend to expose your carbide-tipped tungsten carbide grinder wear parts to more demanding conditions than they are designed for, you will be exposing them to more demanding conditions. That’s why you need to consider the proper use of the carbide tipped grinder wear parts to ensure that you are getting the most out of the parts.

Regular sharpening

The other way that you can get the most out of your carbide-tipped grinder wear parts is the regular sharpening of the parts. Now that you have invested in the highest grade carbide material and you are using them regularly, then the next thing is keeping your tools in good shape. The best thing that you need to do is to keep the teeth sharp. However, make sure that you are checking for blunt and dull teeth often to have them sharpened. That’s how you get the most off your grinder wear parts

Why Consider Aftermarket Yellow Jacket Stump Grinder Teeth

If your Yellow Jacket stump grinder is need of teeth replacement, you have one main decision to make- where to get tools from. There two main areas where you can find good replacements for these parts. You can buy from the original manufacturer or the brand, which in this case, is the Yellow Jacket. The second option is the aftermarket manufacturer.

There are many benefits that come with investing in aftermarket Yellow Jacket stump grinder teeth rather than the originals. Here are some of the main reason why you should consider buying these machine parts for replacement:


One of the biggest benefits you get from investing in Yellow Jacket stump grinder teeth is the cost. Aftermarkets are some of the most cost-effective wear parts that you can find in the market compared to the available aftermarket parts. Suppose you look at the price of the Yellow Jacket’s teeth, and compare with what JYF Machinery prices, you will not a huge difference between the two. And the cheaper pricing does not mean that they are low-quality parts.

Excellent Quality

When it comes to quality, aftermarket manufacturers are doing extremely in providing machine users with high quality and affordable tools. If you are buying from a reputable aftermarket manufacturer, you will get excellent quality Yellow Jacket stump grinder teeth.  These manufacturers use the same quality materials as the originals hence the high quality. It has also been proven that it can get aftermarket tools that have better quality than even the originals models. That’s because these suppliers offer customized services.

Wider Range Of Options

Whereas the original manufacturers offer ideal parts for the machine, they fail to provide buyers with a larger range of options to select from. For the aftermarket Yellow Jacket stump grinder teeth, you have a vast range of options to choose from. From the quality of the materials from the construction of the machine parts to production techniques, you have a long list of options to select from.


Durability is another reason why you need to consider investing in Yellow Jacket stump grinder teeth. When you buy aftermarket from a reliable manufacturer, then you will enjoy better longevity. They use the best quality materials and hardening techniques to give these parts better durability features. This means that you will be spending less money on the replacement of grinder teeth. That’s something you might not get from the typical teeth.

5 Tips On How To Sharpen Your Wood Chipper Blades

One of the crucial things that you need to consider when operating a wood chipping plant is keeping your blades in the best condition possible. That’s because there are numerous advantages that come with maintaining your wood chipper cutter tools in the best condition possible. One of the crucial things that you need to consider is sharpening your wood chipper blades to maintain their sharpness and cutting performance.

But how do you ensure effective sharpening on the wood chipper blades? Well, we have put together a list of 5 tips on how to get the best out of blades sharpening:

Consider a Machinist

Whereas sharpening your wood chipper blades would be a good thing, you will need to invest in sharpening equipment. This may be an extra cost that could be unnecessary. You also need to get training on how to sharpen blades so that you don’t cause more damages. Instead of all this, why don’t you just consider hiring a machinist to the sharpening? These are professional, and thus, you can expect nothing but the best.

Use the Right Tools

The other thing that you need to consider is using the right tools for sharpening. If you choose to sharpen parts yourself, then get the right tools. Get the right grinder for the sharpening of the blades. Some of the grinders, such as grinding belt or the regular grinders, would do more harm to the blades than tools. So, get a professional grinder for perfect wood chipper blades sharpening.

Sharpen Blade At The Same Time

The mistake that most machine users make is sharpening wood chipper blades individually. So, when one blade becomes dull, they sharpen it and leave the other. This makes the machine lack balance in sharpness hence inconsistent wood chipping. So, make sure that you have sharpened all blades at the same time.

Prepare Blades

One of the mistakes that most people make is removing blades from the wood chipper and take them to sharpening station immediately. You need to prepare the first before taking them to the wet grinder. There are several things that you need to do to prepare wood chipper blades for sharping. One of them is removing the pitch of the sides using a scraper or putty knife.

Sharpen Blades

Now that you have everything ready, you can start sharpening your wood chipper blades. Get the grinder table set to ensure a perfect sharpening. Ensure that the grinder is moving in the direction of the blade edge and not the opposite direction.

Hacks To Buying Good Morbark Wood Chipper Parts

Not all Morbark wood chipper parts you will find in the market are good for your machine. Some of the heavily advertised machines could be counterfeit or low quality. That’s it is important to know what you should be looking for when buying your machine’s wear parts. Otherwise, you might find yourself wasting money, something that does not give for spent money.

If you are you are buying Morbark wood chipper parts for the first time, you stand high chances of getting conned. That’s why it important to get the best tips on how to get the best parts in the market. Here are some of the basic tips for you:

Know Your Machine

It is important that you understand your wood chipping machine. There is very crucial information about the machine that you need to know before going to the market.  First, you need to know the model of the machine that you are using. Then you need to know the specifications of the parts that you are planning to replace. That includes the size of the parts and the standard, among other features. Then you will use these features when buying these parts. Use the manufacturer’s user manual to get the right information about the machine.

Select Supplier

The second thing that you need to consider is the supplier of the machine parts. This is a very crucial factor that you need to consider seriously. With so many suppliers of Morbark wood chipper parts in the market, you need to pick the best. There is the original option, which in this case, is the Morbark Company or the aftermarket manufacturers. Note that there are numerous benefits that come with investing in aftermarkets, but you need to choose wisely. It is important to check the experience and reputation of the manufacturer.

Parts Quality

Morbark wood chipper parts are not always of the same quality. There are some that have lower quality depending on their intended use. So, you need to consider the issue of the application when selecting quality. If you are working on heavy loads and with a larger machine, then you need to consider investing in higher quality machines. However, I always pick the best quality in your category. The kind of materials used for the construction of parts is the most important thing. Tungsten carbide tips are always the most recommended.