Advantages of Using Weld on Carbide Teeth

Advantages of Using Weld on Carbide Teeth

When it comes to investing in drilling carbide teeth, then the choice of the cutter teeth is a critical factor to consider. With the numerous options available in the market, it can be a little bit tricky to choose what is perfect for your drilling attachment. One of the best-known teeth when it comes to drilling various types of is the weld on carbide teeth. These types of teeth are associated with numerous advantages over the available options. But what are the main advantages of using weld on carbide teeth? Well, there are numerous of them. Check out this:

Improved Productivity

If you are looking for the set of teeth that will change transform your levels of productivity, then weld on carbide teeth is the perfect solution for you. These are special types of weld-on teeth that are designed with a carbide shank thus making them some of the most productive types teeth almost all drilling works. They are extremely sharp and powerful in thus making it easy to grind any surface with minimal effort from the machine. These are the kind of teeth that will significantly improve drilling output of the machine considerably.

High Stability

The term weld on is key when it comes to this kind of teeth. As the name suggests, these teeth are welded directly to the drilling attachments such as the core barrel unlike other types of teeth that are attached using other methods. That is what gives them the stability and strength that enables the user to drill harsh conditions.

High Versatility

Weld-on carbide teeth are designed to be extremely versatile in application. These teeth can be used for various drilling conditions. Whether you are drilling rocky condition or loose soils, then these are the perfect types of teeth that you need to invest in. It is this versatility that makes them extremely popular most of the foundation drilling contractors.

Extended Useful Life

Last but not the least of the weld on carbide teeth advantages is the extended lifespan. For any industrial machine, lifespan is a critical factor to consider. For the weld on carbide teeth, they are constructed from highest grade material, which includes carbide tip and steel body. That is what gives them a longer lifespan compared to most of the available alternatives.

These are some of the main advantages of weld on carbide teeth. However, you need to invest in genuine carbide teeth to enjoy these benefits.

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