Guide On Safety Rules For Hydraulic Forging Press

Hydraulic forging press machines have become very vital in the development of the forging industry. Most important is the development of cold forging and hot forging machines. But if you have invested in these machines, you need to consider a number of things. One of these things is the safety of using them.

The safety of the hydraulic forging press is crucial. It helps to prevent accidents and also maintaining the machine in good condition. In this guide, we have put together some of the safety rules for using hydraulic forging press:

You Must Understand The Machine

One of the safety rules of the hydraulic forging press is understanding how the machine works first. You must understand the operation procedures of the machine for you to start operating. So the safety rule dictates that if you do not understand how the machine works, do not try to operate it. That’s because you will be exposing yourself, the machine, and the people around you to a lot of danger.

Do Not Adjust The Machine During Operation

Just like other machines, hydraulic forging press can get faulty while working. It is very common for some people to try to fix the problem while the machine is operating. This is one big mistake that’s likely not only to cause fatal accidents but also could damage the machine. So, always make sure that if the machine gets faulty, first turn it off before overhauling or adjusting it.

Fix Faulting Immediately

The hydraulic forging presses are very sensitive to faults. These machines use fluid for most of the operations. So, if you notice a fluid leak, be it air or oil, you must get it fixed immediately. If you notice vibrations, loud noise, or unreliable operations, stop the machine immediately and have the machine fixed.

Do Not Overload

This is a very important safety rule for a hydraulic forging press. Every machine is designed to handle a specific load. If it is a 20-ton hydraulic forging press, that is the load that it can handle. You cannot overload the machine because you will be putting more pressure than it can handles. This will also increase the rate of wear and tear.

Ground The Machine Properly

Last but not least safety rule for hydraulic forging press is proper installation. Because of the force that these machines produce, they must be grounded firmly. Make sure that the base is firmly held in the ground.