Major Applications Carbide Bobcat Auger Teeth

Major Applications Carbide Bobcat Auger Teeth

Bobcat auger teeth are without doubt some of the most recommended kind of teeth in the drilling industry. This brand of teeth has increasingly become popular in the market due to the formula developed by the company for the designing and manufacturing of these teeth. There are numerous features that makes bobcat auger teeth auger some of the best drilling teeth you can find in the market. High strength and high resistance to wear and abrasion are some of the key features that makes these teeth stand out.

Due to such features, Bobcat auger teeth have a broad application in the drilling industry. In fact, they are used in almost every type of drilling that is deemed as a ‘demanding condition’. Here are some of the major drilling areas where bobcat auger teeth can be applied:

Coal Cutting

Coal cutting or coal mining is one of the drilling fields where high quality and high strength teeth are required. The mining involves drilling extremely hard surfaces that the typical drilling teeth cannot deliver. The kind of machines used in coal mining are also extremely large and powerful, and thus the kind of teeth used on them must withstand the high pressure and temperature generated during mining. That is what bobcat auger teeth provides and the reason why they are recommended for coal cutting.

Foundation Drilling

Another key area bobcat auger teeth are widely used is the foundation drilling. Foundation drilling is a vast field that involves a lot drilling including oil drilling, well digging or sinking boreholes amongst others. These kinds of drilling usually involve cutting hard conditions such rocky and high compact soils which require powerful teeth to drill. That is bobcat auger teeth are also widely recommended in most of the foundation drilling activities. These teeth are designed with the necessary strength and quality features to deliver in such conditions.

Road Milling

Although bobcat auger teeth are usually designed for drilling purposes, they are also widely used in the road construction and maintenance. Road milling is one of the machine intensive activities, and just like the mining and foundation drilling, it requires powerful teeth. That is because the concrete and asphalt surfaces can be extremely hard and tough for the common teeth. That is the reason why bobcat auger teeth are highly recommended for most of the road milling projects. They offer incredible high strength and resistance to wear and abrasion which are key features for road milling bit or teeth.

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