Useful Tips for Buying Refurbished Diamond Z Grinder

Useful Tips for Buying Refurbished Diamond Z Grinder

Wood grinding or Solid waste management is without a doubt one of the largest businesses in the world today. All the wood waste surrounding us can be converted into something commercial and make you good money. But you need to have the right wood grinder for the job depending on the type of the wood you are grinding.

Diamond Z is one of the companies that have made wood grinders in the market. The company also offers a range of wood grinder models to choose from. They offer both horizontal and tub grinders. In addition, you can buy both brand new and refurbished grinders. There are numerous benefits that come with a refurbished Diamond Z grinder. But for you to enjoy these benefits, you must ensure that you are buying a good machine. If you are doing for the first, there useful tips that can help you get the most out of your machine:

Check Age of GrinderĀ 

A refurbished Diamond Z grinder appears as a new one, and that could be a little bit confusing for new buyers. That is why it is recommended that you ask for the document about the machine so that you can ascertain the actual age of the machine. Note that the older the machine, the shorter the lifespan and vice versa. It is only through the documents that you will be able to know the kind of wood grinder that you are buying. Diamond Z has all the information that you need about the machine.

Maintenance History

Apart from the history, it is also important to know the maintenance history of the refurbished Diamond Z grinder. This is very important because a poorly maintained machine has a very short lifespan. You may have a machine that is relatively new but poorly maintained while on the other hand, the machine may be old but properly maintained. In such cases, the latter would take the day. Therefore, check the maintenance history of the machine.

Check Condition of the Teeth

Last but not the least is the condition of the Diamond Z grinder teeth. For a refurbished wood grinder, some of the key areas that are replaced with new ones are the wear parts. That includes the grinder teeth. Check the quality of teeth that have been used on the machine. Make sure that the best quality of teeth is used on the machine. the highest grade of carbide (tungsten carbide) should be used for the tip while the body should be made from forged or carbon alloy steel. These are the best materials for a good refurbished Diamond Z grinder.


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