Why Weld On Carbide Teeth Recommended For Mining

Why Weld On Carbide Teeth Recommended For Mining

There are numerous conditions that carbide teeth are recommended for including founding drilling and trenching. However, mining is one of the areas of application where these teeth excel the most. But why are weld on carbide teeth highly recommended for the mining conditions? Well, these types of teeth come with numerous benefits makes them some of the most recommended for the mining conditions. Here are some of the reason why these types of teeth are suitable for mining:

High Strength

Due to the hard conditions of the mining fields, they require cutter tools that are designed and constructed to offer the highest possible strength. That is what the weld on carbide teeth offers. These teeth are constructed with the highest grade of materials, and that is what gives them the high strength features that they come with. The shank of these teeth is made from the highest grade of tungsten carbide while the body is made from the highest forged steel. These are some of the highest grade materials that offer these teeth the much-needed strength for the mining conditions.

Consistent production

Weld on carbide teeth is designed to offer high and consistent production in high conditions. That is one of the key features needed for mining conditions. The consistency of the teeth is brought about by the various features that these teeth come with. The most critical feature that enables these teeth to offer high and consistent performance and production is the type of carbide shank they are designed with. They use the highest grade of tungsten carbide by incorporating more cobalt element to make the tip stronger. Therefore, these teeth are highly resistant to wear and abrasion, and thus they can maintain the sharpness for long.

Reduced Cost of Operation

Mining exposes the teeth to high wear and abrasive conditions. The rate of wear and tear that comes with this kind of teeth is extremely high, and that could result in a high cost of operation due to frequent replacement of faulty parts. But that may not be the case with weld on carbide teeth. Due to the designs and the material used for these teeth construction, they wear less and are resistant abrasive. That simply means that the cost of operation is significantly reduced.


Longevity of the teeth in any drilling condition is critical, and that’s what weld on carbide teeth offers. Since they are not prone to wear and abrasion, these teeth provide an incredible lifespan. That also promotes consistency in production.


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